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Well. That was one of the quickest character developments I’ve seen…

Are you seriously telling me that all that villainous squinting and peering about is because he’s meant to be wearing glasses

because that’s amazing

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Listen here, you little shit…

Saturn was NOT a single lady.

"I’ll tell him not to go to a play. Ever."

you should not hit dogs

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if i do not see josh peck interviewed by oprah before i die i will not have lived a full life

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avoiding hate like


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make me choose:  mararuins asked: allison argent or cora hale

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The Stilinski House

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Max Carver and Tyler Posey finger fencing. x

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| am so sorry, Lydia. All of this must be terribly confusing. But, at least you know that you’re not actually crazy. Well, not completely. There’s bound to be some residual effects but you’re a strong girl. Personally I think that you’re gonna pull through with minimal amount of post traumatic stress. And maybe a few years of profoundly disturbing nightmares.

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